Magic Warming Socks

Image of cozy warm socks with animal paws over the feet.

Magic warming socks are a traditional naturopathic hydrotherapy modality that can be very helpful during illness. Exactly how they work isn’t known, but by changing the foot temperature they seem to increase blood flow, help pull congestion from the upper body to the lower extremities, and they’re relaxing.

Regardless of how they work, warming socks are a huge support when you have a cold, flu, headaches, sore throat, sinus infection, fever, or insomnia. They are most effective just before bedtime.


  • One pair of thin athletic socks
  • One pair of thick wool socks
  • Cold water

How to do Magic Warming Socks:

  • Start with warm feet. If your feet are cold, take a short foot bath or hot shower. Dry feet well after your foot bath.
  • Take your thin athletic socks and run them under cold water. Wring out very, very well so they don’t drip.
  • Put on your cold socks
  • Put on your thick wool socks
  • Go directly to bed. You will wake up with warm, dry socks.

It’s best to perform Magic Warming Socks at the first sign of illness. Ideally repeat for three consecutive nights to alleviate congestion, improve sleep, and support your immune system.

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