Dr. Laura Gouge

Hi! I’m Dr. Laura Gouge

Gouge rhymes with Rouge

My passion is making healing accessible for all people, whether you have access to a naturopathic physician in your area or not. I specialize in mental health and the many related physical conditions such as IBS, chronic fatigue, headaches, and insomnia. I work with anyone in pain. For over three years, I have worked as the medical director for Wolf Pack Consulting & Therapeutic Services, a community-based mental health clinic serving a diverse population of clients in the greater Portland area. Currently I see patients in virtual private practice.

It became clear to me over my career that people are seeking for answers beyond conventional psychiatry, limited to just therapy and medication. While these are useful tools that I utilize with my patients, it isn’t always enough for true healing. The scarcity of mental health providers is also more apparent than ever. That is why I have expanded beyond just the clinic walls and created offerings including a blog, free downloads, as well as group coaching that run several times per year.

I recognize how challenging it can be to feel supported in your mental health. I believe mental health is rooted in both your mind and body. Healing involves time, simple practices, nutrition, as well as appropriate use of medication, when needed. My practice is rooted in trauma-informed care, health at every size, and cultivating a safe and inclusive space for clients from diverse backgrounds.

Personally, I lost my mom to breast cancer in 2017 and that has vastly transformed how I approach both my own life and working with clients. Grief has become a passion of mine, allowing the often painful and challenging transition become an opportunity for connecting more deeply with yourself and your life. I understand chronic illness. I understand death. I understand that healing can occur even when the outcome will always have an expiration.

Education & Training

After receiving my doctorate degree from the National University of Natural Medicine, I completed a two year family practice residency with additional rotations in mental health. After residency, I taught at the university as the attending physician for the integrative mental and behavioral health clinic shift, seeing patient’s and overseeing their training. I have worked as the medical director for Wolf Pack Consulting and Therapeutic services since 2018, and I’m on the board of directors for the Psychiatric Association of Naturopathic Physicians. I also consult for several mental health organizations in the greater Portland area regarding mental health topics, and have spoken at several conferences on topics such as PTSD and trauma-related mental illness.

Dr. Laura Gouge

Quirks & Fun Facts

  • I lived in France for over a year
  • I’ve been learning to play guitar for the last four years
  • I’ve played two open mics despite intense stage fright
  • I have two sisters
  • I spent three weeks at a Zen Buddhist monastery
  • I have two cats named Simon & Theo

My Mission

In a world where mental illness and chronic health issues are on the rise, my mission is to provide people who are desiring to heal with the courage and foundational tools needed to move through hard times. I support my clients in returning to a sense of connection, harmony, and freedom within themselves. To get there, I offer compassionate, insightful, and pragmatic integrative medical care and health coaching.

How I Can Help